The Best Free WordPress Email Plugin

10 Jun

The core WordPress email plugin does a fantastic job of doing many things very well, but email is not one of them. If you wish to grow an email listing, send out regular emails to your subscribers, or simply make your WordPress blog more efficient and reliable, then you will definitely need the assistance of an email plugin. In this article I will briefly discuss some of the different options available, and how they can benefit your WordPress blog.

One of the most common WordPress plugins around is the WP-Mailstation plugin. This is a popular product among some of the more advanced bloggers, as it offers both Gmail and Hotmail integration. While Gmail is the default service that this plugin uses, Hotmail can also be configured with this plugin, if you prefer sending emails from a different service. Another great thing about this WP plugin is that it allows you to configure which email addresses are allowed to perform "oauth", or read/setup passwords. Many standard WordPress email addresses won't work with this plugin, including your own, so you will need to find other ways of adding these addresses to your list. You can find out more about these products.

Some of the more advanced WordPress plugins out there are the ones that allow you to create forms for your blog and include some extra features. One such example is the WP- Forms plugin, which include forms for contact information, sales information, mailing list management, and more. These forms can be used in conjunction with the wp-admin extension, which is included with WordPress by default. This extension will provide you with many different options for customizing your forms and setting different fields to display. This and the WP Mail Pro makes it very easy to create forms that are dynamic and user-friendly.

One of the most useful WordPress email plugins out there is the Worpdress Contact Builder, which allows you to easily build contact forms for your blog. You simply need to add the relevant fields to any of your blogs, and then select "Add". Then you can have a set of opt-in forms built for your site, which can be modified by changing the opt-in name and other options. The Worpdress builder comes included with the WordPress default installation, which means that you don't need to learn any additional skills to use it, and it is also compatible with all of the major blogging software out there.

The last major feature we're going to cover here is the WordPress default built-in sending service. This is used when you have WordPress websites with subscribers. The plugin gives you the ability to customize the subscribe button and to let users sign up directly through WordPress. If your website is based on a WordPress Express theme, you'll find that the Worpdress plugin can be used as a plug-in, which will place the subscription form into the WordPress dashboard. This means that when you go to post a new article or change some other information about your site, subscribers will immediately see the new changes.

This is just one example of how the WordPress default plug-in processes emails. There are many more features available, including things like auto responders and more. DropInk is another example of an advanced email sending services plugin that works with WordPress. It offers lots of features such as customizable HTML mail templates, easy PHP integration, preview pane for sending HTML emails, stats for tracking opened and new emails, and the ability to send different formats of mail. While drop ins may not be as sexy as WordPress' core email sending services plug-in, it's still a powerful and useful option for any website owner. Visit this link: to find more content related to this article.

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